Proudly known as the inventor of clinical storage, Innerspace® a diversified supplier, was founded in 1985 on innovation for specialty storage and has helped customers in the medical industry maximize storage and increase productivity.

We are a proactive company who excels in listening to customer needs, identifying ineffective storage and workflow processes, and providing the best solutions to increase storage space and boost production.

We take pride in maintaining the leading position in specialty clinical storage for 30 years and will continue to pioneer new products medical professionals can rely on for years to come.

What We Offer

Breadth of Application

Innerspace® offers integrated solutions to 80% of US hospitals and more than 5,000 hospitals worldwide. In addition, Innerspace® clinical storage solutions are designed to for every part of the hospital including Patient Safety, Security & Protection, Clinical Operations & Workflow, and Asset Management. Innerspace® also provides extensive product lines comprised of modular casework, mobile procedure carts, and open storage.

Interchangeability & Flexibility

Innerspace’s® flexible solutions are built to optimize and maximize available storage space and provide supply management, easy supply retrieval, and more efficient workflows. Our inner-cell designs and versatile storage accessories reduce cost per linear foot of storage and allow customers to gain more space per foot.

Expertise & Support

We have a team of trained expert storage consultants ready to share useful information about our products and answer any questions you may have. Our expert storage consultants are local and at your service for free consultations to analyze your current storage space and help you select the best solution for your needs.

Custom Solutions

Aside from a large variety of storage solutions to choose from, Innerspace® also designs custom storage for your specific needs. Innerspace® can build customized interior configurations, additional space, and so much more. Our goal is to provide optimum storage solutions and maximize workflow at low costs and reduced delivery time.


ECOSMART™ emphasizes our commitment to a sustainable future and aligns with the Stanley Fulfillment System, ensuring that our products with sustainable attributes maximize their business attributes, as well. Read more.