3000 Series

Efficient use of space and easy-to-use, STANLEY Healthcare's roll-top cabinets and casework provides a clean, cohesive look and full access to medical supplies

Product # Title
3100BC 3100BC Boxed Catheter Cabinet
3100CC 3100CC Catheter Cabinet
3100CC2 3100CC2 Short Catheter/Introducer Cabinet
3100CCH 3100CCH Catheter Cabinet
3100DS 3100DS Boxed Balloon/Guide Wire Cabinet
3100TC/3150TC 3100TC/3150TC TEE Probe Cabinets
3124CC 3124CC Catheter Cabinet
3124DS 3124DS Boxed Balloon/Guide Wire Cabinet
3142BC 3142BC Boxed Catheter Cabinet
3142CC 3142CC Catheter Cabinet
3142CC2 3142CC2 Short Catheter/Introducer Cabinet
3142CCH 3142CCH Catheter Cabinet
3142DS 3142DS Boxed Balloon/Guide Wire Cabinet
3200VCL 3200VCL Versatile Cabinets
3200VCR 3200VCR Versatile Cabinets
3218VC 3218VC Versatile Cabinet
3224VC 3224VC Versatile Cabinet
3236SL 3236SL Versatile Cabinet
3242SL 3242SL Versatile Cabinet
3242VCL 3242VCL Versatile Cabinet
3242VCR 3242VCR Versatile Cabinet
3250DS 3250DS Divided Shelf Cabinet
3250VC 3250VC Versatile Cabinet
3300VCL 3300VCL Versatile Upper Cabinet
3300VCR 3300VCR Upper Versatile Cabinet
3400LC 3400LC Versatile Lower Cabinet
3400LVC 3400LVC Versatile Lower Cabinet
3800AA 3800AA Large Diameter Scope Cabinets
3800DA 3800DA Large Diameter Scope Cabinets
3800DV 3800DV Large Diameter Scope Cabinets
3800VA 3800VA Large Diameter Scope Cabinets
3850AA 3850AA Large Diameter Scope Cabinets
3850DA 3850DA Large Diameter Scope Cabinets
3850DV 3850DV Large Diameter Scope Cabinets
3850VA 3850VA Large Diameter Scope Cabinets
L-3100CC L-3100CC Lighted Cabinet
L-3100DS L-3100DS Lighted Cabinet
L-3200VCL L-3200VCL Lighted Cabinet
L-3200VCR L-3200VCR Lighted Cabinet
L-3236SL L-3236SL Lighted Cabinet