L-3100CC Lighted Cabinet

No more fumbling for equipment or supplies in the OR or procedure rooms. These fluorescent lighted cabinets are great for low light applications. Lights illuminate the cabinet without affecting the overall room lighting conditions. The light fixtures do not have their own on/off switch and are intended to be hardwired to a wall mount switch. They can be connected to a 10ft (204.8 cm) flexible conduit passed through the back of the cabinet. The conduit can then be connected to a junction box located anywhere behind the cabinet or in the ceiling. For more information on cabinets see the non-lighted options.

Product Number: 
ShellThermally fused melamine over 3/4” (1.9 cm) particleboard. Color is soft white. 3” (7.6 cm) standard toe kick.
TopPowder-coated finish over metal.
1836SH ShelfPowder-coated finish over heavy-gauge steel. Color is white. Shelves included in the L-3100DS, L-3100CC.
PSDDV1Durable ABS Plastic Divider. Included in the L-3100DS, L93100CC, L-3200VCL/VCR
Interior Dimensions
72” (182.9 cm)34 1/2” (87.6 cm)16-3/4 (42.5 cm)255 lbs. (115.9 kg)
Exterior Dimensions
84” (213.4 cm)36” (91.4 cm)22” (55.9 cm), at top with light
Options (See full line catalogue for additional accessories)
RTKEElectronic roll top keyless entry