4290BFC Big Full Cart

The Big Full Cart (4290BFC, shown here) has a cell system to accommodate 24”D (61 cm) accessories. The 4290AP accessory package, uses 42 cells. The cell system has 54 usable cells, 18 cells per column. The interior ceiling is pre-set to hold up to nine optional pull-out Cath Managers (8CM), each with eight hooks. Either column can be removed creating the 4290BFC-LC (working left column) or the 4290BFC-RC (working right column) accommodating 24”D (61 cm) accessories in the column, and full-width drawers (24x36DR) and/or shelves (36SH) in the wider column. Standard features for all 4290 models include a locking roll top door, an easy grip bar for pushing/pulling the cart, 5” casters and a durable bumper around the perimeter of the base.

Product Number: 
ShellDurable textured powder-coat finish in soft white on 20-gauge steel.
BumperDurable plastic.
Cell PanelsDurable ABS Plastic.
Tambour DoorCounterbalanced, locking. Light gray 1342.
Height64-1/4” (163.2 cm)80” (203.2 cm)
Width40 1/2” (102.9 cm) each column: 13 1/2” (34.3 cm)54” (137.2 cm) (with bumper and handles)
Depth24” (61 cm)28” (71.1 cm)
Weight310 lbs. (140.9 kg)
Options (See full line catalogue for additional accessories)
RTKEElectronic roll top keyless entry.
4290BFC-LCWorking left column.
4290BFC-RCWorking right column.