General Nursing Floor

3000 Series
Product # Title
3100DS 3100DS Boxed Balloon/Guide Wire Cabinet
3100TC/3150TC 3100TC/3150TC TEE Probe Cabinets
3124CC 3124CC Catheter Cabinet
3124DS 3124DS Boxed Balloon/Guide Wire Cabinet
3142BC 3142BC Boxed Catheter Cabinet
3142CC 3142CC Catheter Cabinet
3142CC2 3142CC2 Short Catheter/Introducer Cabinet
3142CCH 3142CCH Catheter Cabinet
3142DS 3142DS Boxed Balloon/Guide Wire Cabinet
3200VCL 3200VCL Versatile Cabinets
3200VCR 3200VCR Versatile Cabinets
3218VC 3218VC Versatile Cabinet
3224VC 3224VC Versatile Cabinet
3236SL 3236SL Versatile Cabinet
3242SL 3242SL Versatile Cabinet
3242VCL 3242VCL Versatile Cabinet
3242VCR 3242VCR Versatile Cabinet
3250DS 3250DS Divided Shelf Cabinet
3250VC 3250VC Versatile Cabinet
4000 Series
Product # Title
4150C 4150C Metal Versatile Cabinet
4200FC 4200 Full Cart
4500QC 4500QC Cart
4860AA 4860AA Small Diameter Scope Cabinet
5000 Series
Product # Title
5118LG 5118LG Laminated Cabinet
5118LG-PT 5118LG-PT Laminated Cabinet
5118LGA 5118LGA Laminated Cabinet
5118LGA-PT 5118LGA-PT Laminated Cabinet
5118LGAS 5118LGAS Cabinet
5118LGS 5118LGS Cabinet
5118RG 5118RG Laminated Cabinet
5118RG-PT 5118RG-PT Laminated Cabinet
5118RGA 5118RGA Laminated Cabinet
5118RGA-PT 5118RGA-PT Laminated Cabinet
5118RGAS 5118RGAS Cabinet
5118RGS 5118RGS Cabinet
5118ST-1 5118ST-1 Laminated Cabinet
512424ST-1 512424ST-1 Laminated Cabinet
5124LG 5124LG Laminated Cabinet
5124LG-PT 5124LG-PT Laminated Cabinet
5124LGA 5124LGA Laminated Cabinet
5124LGA-PT 5124LGA-PT Laminated Cabinet
5124LGAS 5124LGAS Cabinet
5124LGS 5124LGS Cabinet
5124RG 5124RG Laminated Cabinet
5124RGA 5124RGA Laminated Cabinet
5124RGAS 5124RGAS Cabinet
5124RGS 5124RGS Cabinet
7000 Series Harmony
Product # Title
7300-21W-02-4 7300-21W-02-4 Under Counter Cart
7300-24W-01-5 7300-24W-01-5 Supply and Procedure Cart
7300-27W-01-6 7300-27W-01-6 Supply and Procedure Cart
7300-30W-01-6 7300-30W-01-6 Supply and Procedure Cart
7300-33W-01-7 7300-33W-01-7 Supply and Procedure Cart
7310-15W-01-2 7310-15W-01-2 Bedside Charting Carts
7310-18W-01-3 7310-18W-01-3 Bedside Charting Cart
Open Storage
Product # Title
QWBU5247C QWBU5247C Basket Supply Cart
QWP5136C QWP5136C Shelving Unit
QWP5146C QWP5146C Shelving Unit
QWP5166C QWP5166C Shelving Unit
QWP5236C QWP5236C Shelving Unit
QWP5237C QWP5237C Shelving Unit
QWP5246C QWP5246C Shelving Unit
QWP5247C QWP5247C Shelving Unit
QWP5266C QWP5266C Shelving Unit