Sterile Processing Department

Efficient end-to-end supply management is necessary in every central supply and sterile processing department. InnerSpace open storage plus small carts solutions combine to deliver a versatile, multifaceted storage solution that solves a variety of storage needs throughout your central supply/SPD areas.

4000 Series
Product # Title
4150C 4150C Metal Versatile Cabinet
4200FC 4200 Full Cart
4500QC 4500QC Cart
4860AA 4860AA Small Diameter Scope Cabinet
5000 Series
Product # Title
513618DGS 513618DGS Cabinet
5136DGAS 5136DGAS Cabinet
5136DGS 5136DGS Cabinet
5142DGS 5142DGS Cabinet
514818DGAS 514818DGAS Cabinet
519618DGAS 519618DGAS Cabinet
Open Storage
Product # Title
QWBU5247C QWBU5247C Basket Supply Cart
QWP5136C QWP5136C Shelving Unit
QWP5146C QWP5146C Shelving Unit
QWP5166C QWP5166C Shelving Unit
QWP5236C QWP5236C Shelving Unit
QWP5237C QWP5237C Shelving Unit
QWP5246C QWP5246C Shelving Unit
QWP5247C QWP5247C Shelving Unit
QWP5266C QWP5266C Shelving Unit