Healthcare Supply Chain Management

Get Organized and Efficient with Better Asset Management and Inventory Control

Medical equipment and supplies are a major part of a hospital’s overall costs, which means effective hospital supply chain management is a top priority. If a hospital can better manage its equipment and products, it can reduce inventory levels and lower costs—but cumbersome manual processes often make these goals impossible to reach.

InnerSpace’s asset management and inventory control solutions enable you to establish order in an often chaotic healthcare setting. With our products you can ensure equipment and supplies are available in the right location, quantity, and condition to make staff more efficient and effective.

Simplify asset management and inventory control

InnerSpace’s asset management and advanced inventory control software solutions help you:

  • Improve asset utilization and purchase management, resulting in reduced capital expenditures and rental cost

  • Increase staff efficency by automating equipment searches

  • Improves operational decision making and material management workflow optimization through advance visual analytics

  • Reduces theft and loss through real-time asset tracking and alerting

  • Eliminate delays in care delivery with web-based inventory management and real-time visibility to location, status and condition of assets

  • Improve patient and staff safety with inventory protection against expired and recalled items

  • Increase charge capture and simplify the reorder process with barcoding technology