InnerSpace Healthcare Storage Solutions

Wide Variety of Open Storage Solutions for your Dynamic Healthcare Environment

For over 25 years, STANLEY Healthcare InnerSpace® open storage solutions have fit your supply needs throughout the entire hospital setting. Our open storage series provides economical stationary, wall-mounted, mobile and modular storage for a variety of applications.

More Storage Capability with Open-Wire Construction

Promotes air circulation and prevents dust accumulation. Shelving options include flat wire shelves, solid stainless shelves, wire baskets and slanted shelves. The open storage floor track system maximizes available storage space by mounting shelving units on movable carriages to eliminate excess aisle space, allowing up to 400% more storage capacity.

Modular Storage Complements Kanban 2-bin System

Our QuickRack™ high-density storage is the only way to store your high-volume, low-dollar supplies more efficiently. Baskets can be angled to provide easy access to items stored at higher levels. With enhanced supply visibility, you'll reduce the risk of shortages and storage of obsolete products.

Flexible Open Storage For Healthcare Environments

The QuickWall® open storage system keeps medical supplies and equipment highly visible and organized for improved workflow, accessibility, inventory management, and infection control.

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