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Stanley InnerSpace Launches SpaceTRAX® plus RFID

RFID Enabled Clinical Supply Management Solution

InnerSpace launches SpaceTRAX® plus RFID, the latest advancement in clinical supply management. SpaceTRAX plus RFID uses embedded Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and biometric security access to reliably and accurately track and account for high cost clinical supplies in real time. It’s an innovative solution to challenges faced by virtually every acute care hospital – how to maximize charge capture, reduce costs associated with expired items, optimize inventory, meet compliance mandates, and ultimately, to provide improved patient care.

SpaceTRAX plus RFID's advanced RFID technology automatically tracks items without the need for manual processes. By combining security and automated tracking, InnerSpace can assist hospitals in maximizing charge capture by insuring user compliance and accountability. SpaceTRAX plus RFID is capable of interfacing with hospitals’business systems thereby providing additional savings by streamlining processes and reducing errors.

SpaceTRAX Plus RFID Cabinets

On average, 65% of an acute care hospital’s supply costs are concentrated within three departments; Cardiology, Radiology and Surgery. Five (5%) of the total number of items (in these departments) account for 50% of the total supply costs and 85% of the total chargeable value (of the supplies). What better reason to use advanced technology to track and manage high cost clinical supplies.

Implementing the RFID cabinet is as easy as rolling the intelligent cart in-place, plugging in the power cord and network connection (for internet access), applying RFID tags and placing high cost clinical devices in the cart. The entire process is accomplished in less than a day. Tracking supplies is both seamless and automatic. There are no buttons to push or additional processes to follow, so staff compliance is not an issue.

SpaceTRAX plus RFID constantly tracks and monitors cart access, supply movement and, the cart’s operating system and mechanical components. Inventory levels are automatically adjusted as supplies are removed from or added to the cart.

Information is captured in “real-time” so; customers always know what they have in inventory, the location and disposition of supplies and, the health of the cart.

Biometric access controls provide a simple and easy means for authorized users to access the cart. "Who" and "When" information is linked to the movement of supplies thereby creating 100% accountability. An additional benefit of SpaceTRAX plus RFIDis its flexibility. The cart’s shelves and trays can be reconfigured as needed to adapt to the continuous changes in package sizes and shapes.

SpaceTRAX Software

SpaceTRAX plus RFID is equipped with a backup battery allowing the cart to be moved from room to room without compromising security or losing data. Finally, SpaceTRAX plus RFID’s administrative functions allow greater visibility of inventory contained in one or more carts, within a single facility or across a network of facilities.

SpaceTRAX plus RFID consists of a secure cart with embedded RFID technology and SpaceTRAX, a web-based information and reporting engine. The cart is constantly communicating and synchronizing with the data contained in SpaceTRAX.

SpaceTRAX plus RFID can make a dramatic difference in a hospital’s bottom line by delivering a powerful assortment of financial benefits: improved charge capture, reduced on-hand inventories, elimination of payments for non-used consignment inventory and
reduction in supply management labor.

Stanley InnerSpace, a Division of The Stanley Works, is a market leader in storage and inventory solutions for the healthcare industry. For over 20 years, InnerSpace has specialized in providing storage cabinets and casework, wire shelving and storage racks, mobile supply and procedure carts and, clinical inventory management systems for healthcare facilities world-wide. In 2003, InnerSpace launched SpaceTRAX; a web-based clinical inventory management system using barcode technology.  InnerSpace is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For more information, visit the company’s website at