5000 Series Laminate Documentation Stations

Pre-Configured Documentation Station for Operating Rooms

Designed in collaboration with architects, equipment planners and nurses, InnerSpace's documentation stations significantly enhance the nurse's ability to manage an integrated operating room.  Various manufacturer's electronic equipment can be accommodated, along with the flexibility of adding cabinets and accessories to meet specific needs.  The documentation station's equipment tower houses integrated equipment in a compact area, freeing-up valuable space for additional storage cabinets and accessories that improve workflow.

Cord Management - Cord pass-thrus between shelves and cabinets provide wiring convenience and organization.

Simplified Installation - Large open backs enable easy access to and simplifed installation of cords and connectors.

Optimal Positioning - Large pull out work surface for keyboard/computer/touch screen allows nurse clinican to view the procedure.

Space Optimization - Tower houses switching units and peripherals.

Equipment Ready - Vented doors and large open backs are designed to maximize air flow and reduce heat build up.

Accessibility - Pull-out shelf provides access to wiring and equipment for easy set-up and maintenance.

Pullout shelf allows for easy loading and accessibilityPullout work surface offers alternate positioning for staff to view the surgical areaOpen cabinet back provides easy access to electrical outlets and equipment wiring while ensuring necessary ventilationCord pass-throughs between shelves and cabinets for quick and easy routing of cords